The Great Fail Argument

January 1st, 2011

While randomly enjoying some random intertubes, a friend linked me this with a comment that this guy should be put in his place. I agree, but I don't think that I have the ability nor position to do so, I just thought I'd run a little commentary on this nasty... I guess technically "article" is the descriptor.

This year will go down in history as the beginning of The Great Collapse Awakening. We have two great opposing forces, never seen before on this planet occurring at the same exact time. On the one hand we have a deepening global great depression, which is in reality a dismantling, or collapsing in disguise. On the other hand, we have at the same time, a great awakening, not only politically, but of the entire human potential emotionally, and spiritually. For the first time in history, humanity is waking up, in mass, to their enslavement by the international banking families. A monumental time in the history of mankind where fundamental choices of how we live will be made on both the international and individual level, by every single person. You will be forced to decide whether you will live in LOVE, or live in FEAR…????

Actually on one hand right now and for the last year, we have a recovering global economy, not a deepening one. The economy always fluctuates, this is normal. I completely disregard this false dichotomy and make the choice to live neither by love or fear but to live by rationality.

Whether you look at small towns, or large cities, across this nation, and around the world, people are waking up to their manipulation by government and corporate entities. One of the top political strategists for the Obama administration, Zbigniew Brezinski, in a 2010 speech before the world elite, said that for the first time in human history mankind is politically awake. I would agree with him, and I would also say that not only are people politically awake, but more and more people are becoming emotionally, and spiritually awake.

What does emotionally and spiritually awake mean? I'm sure it sounds good to some people, but it's very meaningless without a definition. Does it mean that people can now experience their emotions? I hadn't known that that had been a problem.

Are you trying to maintain a positive attitude on the inside while all around you your world is crashing down around you? There IS a reason that this generation is the first generation, in recent memory, that could have less than the previous one. The truth is you have been lied to, manipulated, and set up, your entire life. The game was set up way before you were even born. Your parents were lied to also, and their parents before them. While they toiled under these lies, it is only now, in this generation, that ignorance of this system will lead to total disaster. For the power elite that run the game are calling in their cards. This is the pivotal point in history that everything will change. You must wake up. You can regain your vision by learning how to see around their lies. You can be free from those who seek to control you!

Yes, you have been lied to, manipulated and set up by people you're entire life, so why stop now? Become manipulated and lied to by this douche bag too! Or maybe exclusively if that's your thing. This is an appeal to fear, which one must remember as it will be important later when this idiot tries to claim that he's all about love and not persuasion by fear.

Since the dawn of time there has been an ongoing epic battle between the forces of all that is good, loving, and light; and the dark forces, which feed on fear, avarice and evil in men. I have long since chosen which I would stand with. Being on the side of light my heart is often filled with love and a desire to help others who have lost their way. I know, however, that there is an opposing force out there that works in the shadows, plots, and schemes to gather ever more power and control over others.

Such a bold claim should be backed by some heavy evidence, because it's not a brute fact. Remember the previous sentence where I pointed out the appeal to fear? Well now this guy is putting himself on the "dark forces" side due to his "feed[ing] on fear." So now he's clearly against people who feed on fear, while he himself is feeding on fear...

The main objective of those on the darkside is power. The main tool of the darkside is money, not just weapons, and land acquisitions. They are only what money purchases them. You will soon see, if you don’t already know, that these people have long ago acquired all the money they or their families would ever need. Through out history the wealthiest people have been the people who control the money, originally called money changers. It was not long before they amassed greater sums of money than even kings and queens.

This is a very extraordinary claim, that requires extraordinary evidence.

Thus what we have occurring is an ongoing battle, or ( at a deeper level ) dance, between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. By your actions, or in actions, you will aid one of these forces. The forces of darkness hope you will choose to be silent. They hope to discourage you, or out right scare you into acquiescence. They make it fineable or even criminal to speak out against them.

Yes, that is why this guy is now behind bars and fined into the poor house... because the evil forces won't let anyone speak out against them...

The events of this year clearly outline this dance between the forces of light and darkness

The Great Collapse is a force being set in motion by the international banking families. It is an attack they are launching on the masses. It is aimed at destroying us physically, mentally, and monetarily. What they call the Great Culling is at the foundation of the strategy. This is their incremental, but purposeful lowering of the world population by 80% - 90%, down to 500 million people. They believe that they can most efficiently control this number of people. Right now, they believe that our numbers are too high, and that eventually would get out of hand, and they would lose any control they might achieve.

Seriously, this is far too many extraordinary claims with no supporting evidence. The economy is getting better showing that the Great Collapse is not working. The banks lowered interest rates down to no gain for a while to help the economy recover, showing that the banks are willing to sacrifice temporary profit for long term stability... which hardly matches the evil doom inspired conspiracy banks as portrayed here. Unless the banks are so amazing that they hide their evil nature by helping and preventing exactly what this douche bag is claiming that they want. Don't you see it? The very existence of opposing evidence is the evidence that the evidence should lead to the opposite of where the evidence actually leads.

They are carrying out attacks on us at many different levels. Biological attacks are being carried out through the use of vaccines, and the poisoning of our air, food, and water. Vaccines have had limited success, because they are voluntary, however the elite, like Bill Gates, are financing the development of vaccines that can be sprayed in the air, put inside mosquitoes, and inside of food. They will even be sold to people through the pharmaceutical industry as replacements for the costs of continually having to pop pills.

What was that about the "evil" and/or "bad" side using fear? Vaccines have saved billions of lives, to propose that they are being used to kill people is another one of those "evidence that opposes my conclusion is evidence for my conclusion" retarded, bullshit mess of nasty. The poisoning of the air is not from some massive global conspiracy, it's from normal everyday things like eating, driving and wearing clothes. Bill Gates has donated millions of dollars to prevent the diseases that mosquitoes carry, again more opposite evidence.

Aerial spraying of aluminum, barium, corexit, and many other known toxins are being purposely sprayed on us. Genetically Modified Organisms ( GMO’s) are used in our food supply, often along with known carcinogens. The passage of the so called Food Safety Act will be used to tell us what we can and cannot eat, grow, and sell. It is part of a worldwide plan called Codex Alimentarius, which is part of Agenda 21, which is a UN plan to control the world. If the UN was truly a benevolent body of countries truly seeking to peacefully coexist, it might be one thing, but instead it was developed by a private group of international banking families, meant to centralize their power over the world, to push their agenda for their own interests.

What was that about the bad guys using fear... "[...]and the dark forces, which feed on fear[...]" So he is part of the dark forces trying to feed on fear, don't trust him. The UN is very far being powerful let alone the one world power.

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